About Asia Presswire

Press Release Distribution in Southeast Asia, Greater China, Bloomberg, Nasdaq

Asia Presswire offers press release distribution solutions for PR firms, agencies, organizations & Corporates. Our team provide public relations & media relations services to all types of businesses at every stage of growth, from start-ups that need visibility and to large striving to build market reputation. They help clients in using online communications as a strategic tool for achieving their business objectives through a planned and concerted PR program.

Asia Presswire's team is made up of experts with skills and experiences in PR, online SEO tracking, and effective-linking technologies. They deliver value to clients through informed advice on online communication issues that may impact their reputation, valuations and future business prospects.

In addition to sending news directly to working journalists, freelancers, and print and broadcast media, Asia Presswire places news into clipping services, online news sources and social networks by hand, aggregation partners worldwide. The company uses a combination of creative communication tools, talent, expertise and resources in the business.

Asia Presswire takes adequate care to ensure that client's Press Releases are included in a wide cross-section of media websites & Asia Presswire's Network of Newsblog, Blogspot Kinja Blog.jp Golog GGer MyNikki Liblo Livedoor Exblog Kuruten Goo LiveJournal Naver Cont . Press Releases published on leading news websites, blogs, and social media sites increase client's brand's visibility and reputation online. We help to increase the precision of clients' message so they can hit their target quickly and effectively.

We do global PR distribution and we do it well.